Lenze SMV IP65 Inverters

The SMV is a motion sensorless vector drive with IP65 enclosure requiring no panel space, even in areas with moisture or washdown with low pressure jets, Parameter setting can be saved on the unique EPM (Electronic Programmable Module), and copied to other drives as often as required.

  • Power range 0.37 to 22kW
  • Mount anywhere on the machine saving panel space, cabling & installation time
  • Wide speed range with up to 200% torque, highly dynamic response
  • Easy to use, simple push button control, options for display & diagnostics
  • EPM plug-in memory chip & programmer to copy parameters
  • Optional modules for CANopen, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet & RS232/485
  • Built in RFI filter and RoHS compliant


EPM Memory Chip ( Fast programming for OEM’s, Extremely Set Up and Duplication )
Power Range 0.25kW - 2.2kW 240V Single Phase, 1.1kW - 7.5kW 240V 3 Phase, 0.37kW - 22kW 400V 3 Phase, 0.37kW - 1.1kW 120V single phase (voltage doubler).
Operation Modes V/Hz (Constant and Variable), Enhanced V/Hz (Constant and Variable), Vector Speed Control and Vector Torque Control  
High Performance Dynamic Torque Response, Sophisticated Auto-tuning (Motor Calibration) and Impressive Low Speed Operation 

Electrical Data