Lenze SMD IP20 Inverters

The SMD frequency inverter (0.25 kW to 22 kW) is the perfect speed control drive to the TEC electric motor range. The SMD frequency inverter is for applications that do not require a positional feedback loop. Ideal for simple speed control applications and a superior alternative to reversing, soft-starting, mechanical speed variators or multi-speed motors! Requiring just three face mounted operator buttons and a handful of parameters, commissioning the smd is child‘s play!

Simple to Use
Intergrated Easily
Cost Effective
Space Saving
Clear and Logical



Single Phase Input - Three Phase Output Options
Three Phase Input - Three Phase Output Options
Parameter settings can be saved on the unique EPM ( Electronic Programmable Module ) and copied to other drives in the same range as many times as required.
The smd comes with integrated motor overload protection. A microprocessor calculates the motor power independently of the output speed, protects the motor and renders other hardware superfluous.
The smd also features current limiting with frequency reduction for stable operation, aclearly legible LED display and the option of low-noise operation thanks to a configurable switching frequency up to 10 kHz.
The smd support operation between 0,25 and 22 kW.