TAP WOUND/ Dahlander 6/4 - 8/6 - 6/2 - 8/2 POLES

Tap Wound / Variable Torque / Fan Rated two speed electric motors are ex stock at TEC electric motors. Two speed electric motors by their application reduce energy usage by giving the user the lower speed and hence lower power option, more closely matching actual demand. Variable Torque 2 speed motors are best suited to a Fan or Pump applications. The constant torque 2 speed motor is best suited to crane and machine tool applications. TEC motors are able to offer Constant Torque if required.

TEC are also able to supply to correct control gear – Please see our Inverter Section!

Dahlander, pole changing or tap wound overview:

Comprises a single winding with two stator winding polarities which gives the ability to change motor speeds by varying the connections. Polarity speed ratios of 2:1 are obtained by bringing out centre tapped leads from the winding and double starring the high speed configuration.  This means that to engage the low speed a simple three phase feed is required.  However, when switching to high speed, control gear must put the low speed terminals into the star configuration.  Because the motor only has a single winding, this is achieved simply and cost-effectively by using three simple contactors!


Two Speed Motor or Frequency Inverter ?

The sophisticated frequency inverter can be over kill for many applications partially in simple applications such as fan and pump duties. If all that is required is HIGH and LOW output the two speed electric motor are:
Generally cost less than Frequency Inverters
Very Simple
Easily installed and commissioned
Attract capital allowances from the Carbon Trust same as IE2 motors
Are available in IE2

Standard Motor Specifications

Siluminium die cast finned frames cast feet
Totally enclosed fan cooled
132 – 280 frame are cast framed with detachable feet
Mountings B3, B5, B35, (B14 and B34 up to 132 Frame)
Metal Terminal Box
S1 Duty
-20 deg to 40 deg – 1000m above sea level
Voltage 230/400 +/- 10% Delta / Star up to 2.2 kW 400/690 +/- 10% Delta / Star from 3 kW
Available in EFF1  (EU / CEMEP)
Insulation Class F (Rise B)
Colour Ral (5010)

Optional Features on Request

Special voltages
Specially designed shaft
Heaters 110V and 240V DC
Thermal Protective Klixons
Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down applications
Special epoxy painting
Double Shafted
Directional drain holes
IP up grades
Tropicalised windings