TEC ATEX Motor Range

TEC ATEX Motor Range


TEC Electric Motors have recently upgraded the stock holding of ATEX motors to include Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 22 along with 2GD dual certified motors. 3GD motors, 1ph motors and all Zones of ATEX gearbox are available upon request.

All motors and gearboxes are made, modified and certified in accordance to the regulation of IEC 60079.

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ATEX Explosion Proof Motors

Our explosion proof motors are certified to the highest operational and safety standards for use within the EU. Their cast iron construction makes these ac electric motors impervious to extreme changes in temperature and will localise any combustion within the unit, protecting surrounding equipment. Thoroughly insulated electrical components and advanced cooling techniques are employed to provide seamless operation in a wide range of environments.

ATEX Motor Applications

Typically these explosion proof motors may be safely used as part of machinery which process or store flammable substances or operate in conditions where the electric motor may be exposed to flammable gases, combustible dusts or fibres.

Custom Requirements

TEC Electric Motors will ensure that the motor you order will satisfy your requirements by offering a range of design options which can be tailored to your requirement. These options are listed within the full description of each product. If you are unsure that any aspect of our product will meet your requirement we have an in house expert in the field who is more than happy to discuss your specific needs and help you make choose the correct motor for the job.

ATEX Motors

It is my responsibility to ensure all products are suitable for ATEX, Hazardous area applications, the NEW EEXDE motors have the increased protection on the terminal box negating the requirement for explosion proof glands. This is a great extra that is included as standard with all of our Zone 1 EEXDE motors that most of our competitors have to offer as a costly addition. We also have Zone 2 EXN and Zone 22 EXTD, so for all your Hazardous area motors, ATEX, or EEXD enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me, LEE “LEE’XDE” OVERTON.