RN/RO/RV Range

Varvel Bevel Helical



The gearboxes, series RN, RO, RV are manufactured with a common housing that allows the same footprint for the three versions and are designed according to latest ISI engineering specifications with the help of computer aided structural analysis for displacement and stress field.

The monolithic framework does not deflect under the effect of torque and external loads with effective results on sealing surfaces.

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RS/RT Range

RS/RT Range Varvel Worm


Single worm gear boxes

The worm gearboxes, RS and RT series, specifically designed for universal mounting, are manufactured with die cast housing and covers in aluminium up to the size 85 and cast iron from the size 110.
Torques listed in the selection tables are output torque values for the specific size and motor powers are always referred to at 1400rpm.
Gearboxes are supplied filled with synthetic long life oil.

Helical worm gear boxes

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RD Range

Varvel RD Range

The series RD helical gearboxes feature a one-piece cast housing complete with inner support to acommodate 2 or 3 gear stages into the same casting. Manufactured to the latest ISO engineering design specifications, the housing is checked by computer aided structural analysis for deflection and stress distribution.

Significant strains caused by the effects of torque and external loads do not deflect the monolithic ribwork of the housing, which significantly improves the intergrity of the sealed surfaces.

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